Chapter 3. Editor Tricks

This chapter lists most of Treebeard's key bindings.

Table 3.1. Keyboard Bindings

Ctrl+Enter [number] [char]Repeat a Character. Press Ctrl+Enter then the number of times to repeat then the character. For example, Ctrl+Enter 10 * will add 10 *'s at the cursor position or Ctrl+Enter 4 Enter will add 4 lines
Ctrl+\ or Ctrl+highlighting textColumn Select. You have to try this one a couple times. Select a couple lines of text. Now with the text highlighted press Ctrl+\
Ctrl+deleteDelete a word in front of the cursor
Ctrl+backspaceDelete a word in behind the cursor
Ctrl+iTag insight. Looks up possible tags in the tag database. For example, typing "<xsl:" then ctrl+i will show the XSLT 1.0 tag library (if mapped to the correct URI). Further, "<xsl:[tag][space]" then ctrl+i will look up attributes.
Ctrl+tTag listing. Shows a list of all the element names in the document
Ctrl+uAttribute listing. Shows a list of all the attributes in the document
ESCHides the insight window
Ctrl+fMove forward one character
Ctrl+bMove back one character
Ctrl+pMove to the previous line
Ctrl+nMove to the next line
Alt+fMove forward one word
Alt+bMove back one word
F5 or F9Transform (merge) the XML and XSLT documents
Ctrl+Shift+CComment the highlighted area
Ctrl+Shift+VValidate the current XML document
Ctrl+gGo to line
Ctrl+sSave (which ever document you are editing at the time)
Ctrl+.Open the Find window