Chapter 4. Icon Descriptions

This chapter describes the icons in Treebeard and what they stand for.

Figure 4.1. Tree View Icon

Tree View Icon

Tries to make an XML document into a tree view. If the document is not well formed, errors will show up in the standard error Ent.

Figure 4.2. Text View Icon

Text View Icon

Makes a document go from tree view back to editable view if the file is currently loaded. If the file is referenced, nothing is displayed in the editing box; however, one can still right click in the box and get file information.

Figure 4.3. Path and Node Icons

Path and Node Icons

Moves XML document paths or node names to the XSLT document. The branch copies the whole path (from root to leaf) while the leaf just copies the end points name.

Figure 4.4. Tidy XML Icon

Tidy XML Icon

Attempts to clean up an XML document. Can have odd side effects depending on your chosen parser and setup.

Figure 4.5. Transform Icon

Transform Icon

Applies the style sheet in the right text area to the XML document in the left.

Figure 4.6. Quick XSLT Load and Save Icons

Quick XSLT Load and Save Icons

Quick load (the arrow) and save (the pencil) for the XSLT document.

Figure 4.7. Quick XSLT undo and redo

Quick XSLT undo and redo

Undo and Redo for the XSLT document.